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His 25 years of knowledge and dedication to help his clients meet their health and fitness goals. Navi has worked with many different clients with very specific goals and can genuinely relate and empathize when it comes to struggling with weight gain or loss.

About Navi

Navi grew up in a military family where passion in health/fitness, and playing sports was important for self- growth. His father was a successful field hockey player for the Indian National Army and wanted to make sure his son continued the tradition in sports by enrolling him into ice hockey at the age of 5 leading to a continued journey in the health/fitness world.

Navi pursued his passion for fitness studying kinesiology at McMaster University and was quite successful in Personal training. This encouraged him to start training clients in the GTA. Navi has trained hundreds of clients and has successfully helped them meet and exceed their health and fitness goals.

Early in his fitness journey he reached 240lbs focusing more on strength training and mass building which he successfully achieved. However, over the years fitness goals changed and he transformed his body to lean muscle at 185lbs. His vigorous bodybuilding training program to pursue the Men’s Physique Masters (40+) division in March 2019 placed him 3 rd and then 3 months later finished 2 nd at Canada’s elite show – “Toronto IFBB Pro Qualifier”. These personal goals helped him achieve a more Spiritual, Loving, and Healthy life within himself and his 2 beautiful children.

Today he continues to help people achieve their fitness goals in all aspects of Mind, Body, and Spirit. With COVID taking over the world for the past few years, Navi is determined to be one of many voices advocating the importance of healthy living to combat this pandemic.

Why work out?

Some Benefits of working out

  • Help you control your weight.
  • Reduce your risk of heart diseases.
  • Help your body manage blood sugar and insulin levels.
  • Help you quit smoking.
  • Improve your mental health and mood.
  • Help keep your thinking, learning, and judgment skills sharp as you age.
  • If you’re a parent. What a great way to be a role model to your kids!
  • Help build stronger relationships in your life, and also make new one’s with confidence
  • Exercise helps even boost your performance at work, and even lead to promotions
  • Plus 100’s of more benefits…

Who is it for?

Anyone looking to transform their body, mind, and spirit:

  • Mom, Dad, Single Parent, etc
  • Everyday folks that work 2-3 jobs, corporate professionals
  • Teenagers 18+ who want to look and feel great
  • Athletes who want to take their body to a more competitive level
  • Seniors who want to increase their mobility, strength, endurance, etc.
  • Anyone looking to fix some old injuries through strength training


"Navi is such a professional with so many years of experience in Personal Training, Nutrition and Bodybuilding.  He made the most realistic diet for me that I could be consistent on, and I am down 20 LBS in only a few months!  Flexible, Realistic and I can still eat what I want!" — David D (VP, Growth Development)
"There were so many diets plans out there and so many theories on what works and doesn’t, but some were fad diets that were too drastic.  Navi gave me a very personal and realistic plan that I could be consistent with while enjoying my food. I am down 10 lbs in two months already and can make this a lifestyle. He has a very personal and professional approach." — Preet D (Social Media Manager)
"It is hard to find a good trainer that understands both nutrition as well as fitness. We refer our patients to Navi as he can work with specific clients that may have pain or limitations to their workouts. His professionalism and attention to detail is what makes him standout. The feedback we have received on Navi's personal training has been excellent and transformational for our patients. We highly recommend his services to everyone." — Dr. J.N
"I was looking for a Vegan fitness trainer and wanted to get some expert advice, so I leveraged Navi’s expertise on helping me design a custom workout and nutritional plan – WOW what a difference! In the past several months, my body and mind have felt great! Navi is always available to answer my questions, in our weekly touchpoints he’s always providing some tweaks to my workout and nutritional plan so that I don’t plateau and stay on track. Overall, he genuinely cares about me, and I know it’s not about the money for him. Navi wants me to have a healthy lifestyle for a long time and I appreciate that brother." — Jade Sehbat (CEO, Start-up company)

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